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Atlantic City Memories

As I inch closer and closer to publishing the very first episode I have found myself questioning exactly where my love of casinos came from. Even as a child the allure of the casino always struck me as fascinating. In fact thinking back I realized the few "big" trips I went on as a child were all to Atlantic City. As time passes and the hustling and bustling beach boardwalk slowly slips away I find myself more interested than ever into rekindling my memories of my childhood utopia. Maybe it's the fact Donald Trump is saturating my media, politics aside Trump to me is Atlantic City's Walt Disney. While my classmates told stories of flying to Florida, I was talking about taking the train to the boardwalk, the most expensive property in Monopoly. The combination of Donald Trump, Mike Tyson, Wrestlemanias, Miss America, Salt Water Taffy, crashing ocean waves, and the off limits gambling floor made it seem so mystical.

Here are some nice photos of the place I used to dream about, in my adolescent mind it had it all.

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