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Cousin Vito's Casino Podcast Update!

Well, it's been a productive month! The inevitable debut of Cousin Vito's Casino Podcast is approaching. As of today I've recorded and recorded the first episode several times. I've been tweaking the audio, format, and length. The current plan is to launch by the first week of June, with 3 episodes. After that I'm hoping to post a new episode each week. The topic of the first episode will be a gambling 101 course with a twist.

Today, I'm getting back to tweaking the website. I'm hoping to add some important features, like a mailing list sign-up. Tomorrow I'll be re-recording the show introduction. I completed a rough cut last week, but something was funny with audio quality of the voiceover. It was crisp and clear, but it felt disconnected from the rest of the introduction. So we'll see if we can knock the out once and for all tomorrow!

Until then, keep checking back as I'm plowing through the tough stuff. I'll also be trying to up my social media presence once things are about to launch. So far it's been an interesting journey into launching a podcast. With the wealth of free knowledge at my fingertips it is hard to hit a road block that can't be navigated around.

Be back soon!

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