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E:19 You Can Bet On That! A Visit From the Premiere Recreational Gambling Podcast

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  • Contact the show at

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Opening Monologue

  • The winner of Cousin Vito’s iTunes review contest is named!

  • Cousin Vito fishes for Casino Horror Stories!

  • Cousin Vito’s Fargo Poker @Mohegansun No Limit Hold’em Tournament Review

  • Introduction to the You Can Bet On That Interview

You Can Bet On That - A Conversation with Mark and Dr. Mike

  • Pre- Interview San Diego Chargers Talk

  • VIMPF Las Vegas meet-up anticipation

  • Dice Craps vs. Card Craps

  • Card Craps variations in California

  • Cheating Card Craps?

  • More Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic talk!

  • Dr. Mike’s most memorable early craps sessions

  • Mark’s first craps game memories!

  • Craps Parties!

  • Discussion about bad craps dealers

  • Binion’s dealers rude?

  • What are your favorite craps games of all time?

  • Advice for NEW Craps players?

  • Long suffering Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers fans sympathize

  • Atlantic City, Mohegan Sun, and MGM Baltimore Talk

  • How do Mark and Dr. Mike prepare for their show and choose topics?

  • Poker habits. Do they still play?

  • Omaha Poker story

  • Dr. Mike reveals his retirement plans!

  • The Possibility of Dice Craps and Online Poker in California


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