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E:43 Ask the Annoyed Pit Boss 2 Part 1

E:43 Ask the Annoyed Pit Boss 2 Part 1


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Opening Monologue

  • Cousin Vito elaborates on today’s show!

  • Plus a RED ALERT, a correction from last weeks show!

Ask the Annoyed Pit Boss 2 Part 1

  • Cousin Vito sits down with the @annoyedpitboss and asks him listener questions!

  • Topics include, casino comps, dealer tips, Mississippi Stud chatter, and SO MUCH MORE!

  • IF you like gambling and enjoy casino you’ll love this insider information!

Upcoming Show Information

  • Cousin Vito elaborates on the future of the show including details on future episodes, future show features, and asks for listener feedback about the direction of the show.

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