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E:84 How to Create a Casino Game

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Opening Monologue

  • Cousin Vito and Mikey 9’s welcome everybody in for this very special episode! Plus, final reminder for Zorkfest 2018 early bird specials on rooms and tickets, plus the class schedule has been revealed!


Welcome to the Vice Lounge

  • Tony and Jason from the Vice Lounge online stop by talk about some casino DON’Ts!

How to Create a Casino Game with Heather Ferris


  • Heather explains what it takes to be a table game creator! If you’ve ever dreamed up a unique side bet or unique casino here learn about the trials and tribulations you will face on your journey.

  • Topics include the time, cost, and luck you might need to get to the finish line!


  • The guys reads a couple of emails and play a voicemail from listener Gina about Gamblepalooza!

Podcasters Talking Podcasting

  • They guys review the reviews of Gamblepalooza!

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