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E:5 Lottery Scratch Ticket Tips and more!

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Episode #5 Lottery Scratch Ticket Tips and more!

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Tweet Wars - Negreanu v. Brunson ​

- Fighting words re-tweet. Our very own celebrity Twitter war. World Series of Poker stars go at it!

Presidential Election Odds Update!

- Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton

Scratch Ticket Tips

- Don't play (joke)

- Go to your local website and check the odds

- Odds can range1 in 3 to 1 in 4.45

- $5 to $20 to $50 Story

- Superstition Keep an eye on losers and get to know your retailer.

Breaking News update on the Atlantic City Local 54 Union Stike for 4th of July Weekend

Cousin Vito Calls into You Can Bet on That and thanks VegasFanboy for the great line “If you never had an italian cousin you do now!”

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