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E:6 Craps Talk! 3 Point Molly Trials

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Episode #6 Craps Talk - 3 Point Molly Trials

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Opening Monologue

- Fourth of July

- Atlantic City Update

Podcasters talking Podcasts

- Food Non-Fiction #35 - The Business of Casino Food

- “This is the story of how Las Vegas became a destination market for gambling. How the nature of destination markets created competition amongst the many casinos. How casino food amenities were used as a competitive tool, and how casino restaurants have changed overtime from Buffet to gourmet

- Gambling Legalization, Resorts of the 40’s, Originally Cheap/Free food as a draw to gamble or loss leaders, Food keeps people gambling longer so the house can keep its edge, Buckaroo Buffet was $1, Several good quick interviews that are farmed nicely. Great information for anybody curious about how/why casino dining is the way it is today.

What is the 3 Point Molly in Craps

-How do I play this system?

-How much does it cost?

-Exclusive Results from Cousin Vito’s 3 Point Molly trials from his future book

-Download to get the details on original craps betting trials and book Cousin Vito has been working on!

Golden States Warriors or The Field?

- With Kevin Durant are they unbeatable?

- Warriors -125 or ANYBODY ELSE +225

Thanks to and for that awesome shout!

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