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E:7 Trouble at the Taj and Super Caesars Palace!

Episode #7 Trouble at the Taj and Super Caesars Palace!

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Opening Monologue

  • Shout out to my 100th follower @tabbernak

  • An answer to @Tabbernak’s Twitter question of “Playing the don't side in craps has a lower house edge, but is it worth it to be a jerk that bets against the team?”

  • Summer Trip Planning Talk - Which Maryland/Delaware Casino? Starting in Myrtle Beach @ Big M Casino. Let’s try and find out where to stay next!

  • Tales of an interesting Scratch Ticket Lottery battle!

  • Possible Audio Blog Special early next week about the show and other housekeeping topics.

Trouble at the Taj!

- Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort issued a strongly-worded ultimatum to Unite Here Local 54 on Wednesday as striking workers took their fight to Carl Icahn’s Manhattan office.“We want to be clear - once this offer expires, it’s gone,” reads the two-page letter telling the union it has until Monday at 5 p.m. to accept an offer on the table. Nearly 1,000 Local 54 members at Trump Taj Mahal have been on strike since July 1. The union represents bartenders, servers, porters and other hospitality workers.

  • Union’s Take -Restoring health benefits has been a sticking point for Taj Mahal workers for nearly two years, after a federal judge allowed the casino to end health and pension payments in bankruptcy. “These workers want to know why it is okay for Trop workers to be able to go to the doctor, but not them,” union President Bob McDevitt said in a statement.

  • Management’s Take - In the letter Tony Rodio, Tropicana's president and CEO and manager at the Taj Mahal blamed the union leadership for their handling of the negotiations. “You are striking because your leadership is intent on squeezing blood from a stone,” Rodio wrote. “Although the Taj loses millions and millions of dollars, your leadership expects it to provide the same type of benefits provided to a profitable properties such as the Borgata. It makes no sense.”

  • That DIDN’T Stop Erendira Wallenda from breaking the work record for longest ariel stunt. That basically meant she would hang from a helicopter for more than 10 miles. She did it! Tonight live at the Tag Mahal in Atlantic City everyone can feast their eyes on the world record helicopter hanger and her husband Nik Wallenda as they put on a show called Zurkus!

  • Credit to Press of Atlantic City -

Super Caesars Palace

- “The object is to win lots of money starting with $2000 that the player takes to the casino. After playing, the player leaves in either a limo, a Greyhound bus or in a taxi. The game even informs the player of his or her slow play. A warning pops up on the screen and if it is unheeded, then the player is forced to do a certain action against his or her will. When the player finally leaves the casino using the transportation offer to him or her, the credits appear as road signs along the desert highway and the player has to restart his or her game. Games include blackjack, slot machines, roulette, horse racing, Keno, video poker, and Red Dog.” - WIKIPEDIA

  • Play for FREE at

  • Cousin Vito looked up reviews and he was SHOCKED at how much people hated one of his favorite games!

  • The real object of the game was to get into the High Rollers areas. While anti climactic and unfulfilling it was onto something

  • Released on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo

SHOUT OUTS! Roman philosopher Seneca has a few words…

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