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E:61 Winning More and Losing Less with Frank Scoblete

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Opening Monologue

  • Cousin Vito and Cousin Mikey welcome everybody in for another exciting episode. Plus, a rundown of the upcoming episode!

Winning More and Losing Less with Frank Scoblete

  • Legendary gambling author Frank Scoblete stops by to talk about winning more at the casino.

  • Topics include; dice influencing, card counting, roulette dealer signatures, and more.

  • Plus, hear about Frank’s “tuition runs” to the casino to help pay the bills!

Cousin Vito’s Pigskin Picks and Pigskin Pick'em

  • Cousin Vito and Mikey review last weeks picks and make some predictions leading into this weekend!


  • The guys ask the listeners to call/write in some local casino trip reports!

Zorkfest 2017 in Atlantic City

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  • Sign up by 11/5/17 for a change to win a FREE CAESARs DIAMOND UPGRADE!

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