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E:76 Dealing, Dice Influencing, and Deciding on Hotels

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Opening Monologue

  • Cousin Vito and Big Lou welcome everybody in for this very special episode!

  • Cousin Vito also thanks a listener for a generous PayPal Donation

Welcome to the Vice Lounge

  • Tony and Jason from the Vice Lounge online stop by talk about tips for using your players card at the casino.

Dealing and Dice Influencing with Arman from Golden Touch Craps

  • Part owner of Golden Touch Craps, Arman stops by to give us some insight on his gambling experiences and information on Dice Influencing.


Vito Las Vegas with Travel Fanboy

  • The artist formerly known as Vegas Fanboy stops by to talk about Las Vegas and Zorkfest 2018! Plus, Vito gets advice on where to stay during his upcoming trip to Vegas

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