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E:80 Casino Jet-setting with Bethany from Miles to Memories

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Opening Monologue

  • Cousin Vito and Mikey 9’s welcome everybody in for this very special episode! Mikey elaborates his upcoming Atlantic City trip!


  • The guys read a email from listener Dave and pontificate about Scotch

Bad News

  • Vito unveils a new segment featuring bad news. This week Vito and Mikey lament about their first 1* iTunes rating!

Welcome to the Vice Lounge

  • Tony and Jason from the Vice Lounge online stop by talk about the truth behind Cuban Cigars

Meet Bethany Walsh from Miles to Memories


  • Get to know Bethany, a world traveler, casino lover, and Zorkfest 2018 professor!

  • Hear about her favorite games, big wins, and favorite casino oriented traveling moments.


  • Vito unveils a new event event featuring Keno and Breakfast!

  • Plus, Vito gives a rundown of ALL the events scheduled for Gamblepalooza!

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